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Sports Bar, Grill and Bistro in Cebu

May 4, 2012
Sports Bar, Grill and Bistro in Cebu

Sports Bar, Grill and Bistro in Cebu

Although our name is Marshall's Irish Pub, some people get the idea that a Pub is just a Bar.  Actually Pub stands for "Public House" and really contains 4 types of places in one.  So to better define it, a Pub would be considered a bar, restaurant, grill and bistro all rolled into one place.

From the bar aspect, it's really more of a Cebu sports bar type concept in that we have TV's that are always playing various sports activities.  Our Pub offers local beers as well as imported beers.  Also we offer various wines and pretty much any cocktail (mixed drink) that you can think of.  And of course soft drinks, iced tea, coffee, lemonade, juices and water.  So come check out the sports on our TV's at our sports bar Cebu.

From the restaurant side, various dishes are offered from appetizers to soups and salads.  From main courses to desserts.

From the grill side we offer lots of choices grilled to perfection from seafood to lamb, pork to beef, steaks, etc.

As a Cebu bistro, we offer a small comfortable and clean place with the feel of home cooked meals, drinks and a friendly atmosphere.  We also offer many types of burgers and sandwiches.  So come check out our bistro in Cebu.

So no matter how you want to describe our Pub, we hope you will enjoy everything we have to offer.

Cheers! 🙂


5 comments on “Sports Bar, Grill and Bistro in Cebu”

    1. Thanks for your comment here on our blog. Hopefully our readers will visit yours as well. We will look forward to seeing you in Cebu this summer.

  1. hi can we kindly ask if Marshall's sports bar is like Howzat sports bar in makati ave,where besides serving good food they have "Live" streaming/telecast of EPL soccer matches every Sat & Sun evenings..?
    Be great if you have as we be in Cebu from 2moro Thurs 30th Oct to Mon 3rd Nov..so we can go there to enjoy your dinner specialties as well as the major EPL matches

    Pls kindly advise asap & More Success to Marshall's for
    You Will Never Walk Alone..!!

    Million thanks

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