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Pica Pica and Side Orders at the Pub

June 20, 2012
Pica-pica and side orders

Pica-pica and side orders

In the Philippines it is referred to as "pica-pica" which simply means short orders or small amounts of foods to have along with drinks instead of a full meal.  It is very similar to appetizers.  Here at Marshall's Irish Pub, we try to cater to the various items that people are looking for.  And we are proud to offer these selections for our customers.

French Fries – P50
Onion Rings – P50
Buffalo Wings (2 whole) – P99
Buffalo Wings (4 whole) – P195
Calamares (100 grams) – P195
Cheddar Cheese Munchers (6 pieces) – P99
Cheddar Cheese Munchers (12 pieces) – P195
Southwestern Cheese Munchers (4 pieces) – P99
Southwestern Cheese Munchers (8 pieces) – P195
Spiced Potato Wedges – P50


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