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Menu Makeover

July 18, 2012
Menu Makeover

Menu Makeover

WooooHooooo!  We just re-did our entire menu today.  We took lots of suggestions from customers over the past month and revamped the entire menu based on suggestions from customers.  Everything from food to drinks were considered in the process.  Simply click on the menu link at the top of the website to view the various sections of our brand new menu.

Since the bigger crowds of people come later at night after the band starts playing, the biggest requests were centered around the appetizers and "Pica Pica" (Short Orders) along with some of the drink selections.  But we also added some new items on other sections of the menu and removed some items as well.

For the wine and beer section we added "sets" which are 4+1 (buy 4 get one free on all local beers) and we also added Becks beer from Germany to the menu.  We also listed where each imported beer is from along with the size and if it's a bottle or can to make selection a little easier.  We did a similar type of thing related to our wine selection as well.

The signature drinks page did not change at all as most people were very happy with the various selections we have for our Irish Pub cocktails.

We added a new page called "Mixed Drinks and Liquor" which has some new drinks along with some popular drinks.  Due to popular demand, we also added the normal shots and bottle prices that were requested by many customers.  We also received a lot of requests to have "pitchers" available for various cocktails.  Not only did we add the pitcher pricing, we also are providing a big discount on orders of pitchers which is 3+1 meaning you only pay for 3 drinks but you receive 4.  In other words, buy 3 get one free on all pitchers.  The price of shots was also reduced.

For the appetizer page, we added all the Pica Pica (Short Order) items to the list.  We also added some new items such as Crocodile Bites, Mushroom Brushetta, Mojo's, Jalapeno Poppers, and an appetizer platter which is great for sharing.

The soup and salad page really didn't change much except that we removed some items that were not selling.  But we still have the awesome home-made chicken soup and the classic Cesar Salad which you can add grilled chicken strips on top.

On the Irish Favorites page you will now find a brand new dish we created called Ostrich Tips which is ostrich meat cutlets along with diced potatoes in our home-made brown gravy sauce served with seasonal vegetables.  We have received lots of compliments on this new dish.

Regarding the Grilled Favorites, due to popular demand, we removed the salmon steak and replaced it with Ostrich Steak.  Although ostrich may seem a  little "exotic" to some people, it's actually very good and good for you.  Ostrich is 40% less fat than beef and is actually less fat than even turkey or skinless chicken as well.  It is a red meat just like steak.  Very tender and tasty.  If you have never tried ostrich before, now is your chance.  Of course less fat content is good for your health, but not only that, it's good for your wallet as there is no waste when eating ostrich.  There is literally no fat to carve away and put to the side.  So you get to eat the entire thing that you paid for which makes it a great value.  Our ostrich steak is normally served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, but you can also substitute different side orders if you wish.  Lastly we also added Mojo's to our list of side orders available at the Pub.

If you check out the Pinoy Favorites page, you will find several new items and a few changes.  If you have ever eaten at our Pub, you will notice that our serving size is very big.  Most people have trouble finishing all of the food they ordered.  So for the typical Filipino food dishes, we added the ability to order small or large portions based on how hungry you are.  But of course you can always go with the large portion and ask for an additional plate to share with someone.  We also added 2 new sections to the page for Pizza and Fried Chicken.  Although neither is really Irish per se, they are very popular in Irish Pubs in the United States and also the type of food that many Filipinos love to have when going out to eat or to have along with a beer or cocktail.  We currently offer 3 types of pizza being cheese, pepperoni or Hawaiian and we also have additional toppings that can be added.  For the fried chicken, you can choose from legs or wings, or you can even go with "Chicken Fingers" which we do with boneless skinless chicken breasts.

We have received great reviews on having ostrich at the Pub, so we decided to also offer an Ostrich Burger to our Burgers and Sandwiches page of our menu.  The taste of an ostrich burger is very similar to a normal burger made with beef, but without the fat content.  It is really something you should try.

Last but not least, we made some changes to our Desserts page by adding a chocolate sundae and a brownie ala-mode to the menu.  These items, along with our Bailey's cheese cake and key lime pie, make a perfect ending to a great meal.

We really hope you like and enjoy all the new items and changes to our menu.  We strive to be one of the most sought after bars and restaurants in Cebu by offering great tasting food and high quality.  We have an extensive wine, beer and cocktail selection at the Pub which we hope all customers appreciate.

If you have other suggestions for our menu, please don't hesitate to contact us directly or feel free to use the comment box below to leave your suggestions regarding anything about Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu.

Cheers! 🙂


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