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March 25, 2012
Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant

Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant

Well it has been a busy weekend for us as we prepare to launch our Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines.  We decided to setup various social networking pages for people to be able to follow us and keep informed about news regarding our Irish Pub.  Below are some of the other places you can add us, follow us and join us.


If you're not familiar with Google+ you should really take a look at it.  Although it is similar to Facebook in many respects, there are some features that you may like.  If you're already on Google+ be sure to add us to your Circles.  Here is the link to our Google+ page:  Marshall's Irish Pub on Google+


Or course almost everyone has heard of Facebook and most people do have an account there.  It is a great place to network and keep up with friends.  But not only just friends.  You can also find lots of things that interest you including music, books, movies, restaurants, bars, nightlife, etc.  Be sure to like our fan page.  Here is the link to our Facebook Fan Page:  Marshall's Irish Pub Cebu on Facebook


Twitter is a great place to network and keep up on things that are going on that interest you.  It is a place where micro-blogging takes place to keep people informed.  We will also be tweeting about things regarding our Irish Pub.  Be sure to follow us.  Here is the link to our Twitter Page:  Marshall's Irish Pub on Twitter


YouTube is the place people go to watch videos.  Although you can watch videos on Google+ as well as Facebook, YouTube has a much wider audience when it comes to videos.  We plan to use YouTube to upload videos about our Irish Pub. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you can be updated when we have new videos.  Here is the link to our YouTube channel:  Marshall's Irish Pub on YouTube


Many people love to use the "check in" feature of Foursquare to let their friends know where they are enjoying themselves.  Although Facebook also has a check in feature, there are still many people that prefer the check in process via Foursquare.  So when you come to our Pub, be sure to check in via Foursquare.  You can also add us to our friends list on Foursquare here:  Marshall's Irish Pub on Foursquare and if you are wanting to us the check in feature, once you are at the Pub you simply choose check in and you will see our Pub listed first on your phone or computer.  But if you would like to check out the location, here is the link for checking in:  Marshall's Irish Pub Check In via Foursquare

Stay tuned as we continue to add more places for you to follow us.


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