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Marshall's Irish Pub Lowers Prices Plus New Menu

March 30, 2013
Marshall's Irish Pub Lowers Prices Plus New Menu
Marshall's Irish Pub Lowers Prices Plus New Menu

Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu is proud to announce that we have lowered our prices on almost everything on our menu up to 35%.  We have also added several new items to our menu and the menu has a new makeover to make it easier to read and enjoy.

As you may have read, we had our March Madness Sale last week which was a 50% off sale for half price on the entire menu at our old prices.  The purpose of the sale was to see how the reception of customers would be with lower prices.  Due to the success of that sale, we decided to lower our prices on almost everything on the menu.  Most items are now 30% to 35% lower than before.  This includes everything such as drinks and food.

By far the biggest complaint we have ever received was related to our pricing.  Many items we use imported food and large servings which therefore equal a higher price.  Although we have kept our standard for food items, we only lowered the prices and hope to make up for it with higher quantities sold.  We are still continuing with our same imported items and serving sizes.  Our local beer, although not the highest priced in Cebu, was rather high for the area where the Pub is located, so we decided to include all drinks in our reduction in prices as well.

We also did a menu makeover and redesigned the food section of our menu.  Now every dish has a picture of the dish along with a description.  Before only a few items had a picture.  Many people like to see what it is that they will order first, so we decided to recreate the food section of the menu to give it more visual appeal.  Not only was the menu at the Pub updated with the new format, we also updated the menu on our website with the same look and feel so that there are pictures along with descriptions for every food dish on the menu.  We also created photo albums on our various social networking sites called "Our Menu In Pictures" via Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and uploaded all the pictures of the dishes available on our menu.

Lastly, we added 4 new items to our menu.  Under Soups and Salad we added what we call "Irish Onion Soup" which is pretty much French Onion Soup, but since we're an Irish Pub, or course we changed the name a bit.  Under Pub Favorites, we added a Wagyu Beef Tips dish which uses Wagyu beef tips in our homemade brown gravy  with potatoes, mushrooms and onions and you can choose any 2 side orders to go along with it.  Under Grilled Favorites, we added a Wagyu Beef BBQ Cubes dish which uses cubes of Wagyu Beef grilled and basted with our imported BBQ sauce served with mashed potatoes and corn, but of course you can substitute other side orders if you wish.  Lastly we added a Pan Seared Salmon Fillet in both a small and large format.  Small being around 150 grams and large being around 300 grams.  The Salmon is topped with our lemon butter sauce and sauteed diced tomatoes with red onions.

We hope you will like the new lower prices, the new menu layout and the new items we added to the menu.  If you would like to check out the menu online, here are the links you can click on to go to the various sections of our menu:

Marshall's Irish Pub Menu

Cheers! 🙂


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