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It Is Official. We Are Moving

July 8, 2013
It is official.  We are moving.

It is official. We are moving.

It has been 1 year and 1 month since we opened our doors at Century Plaza in Cebu City.  We have gone through many changes over the past year to better serve our customers.  And here is a new change that will happen very soon.  Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu is proud to announce that we will be moving to a new location which will be next to National Bookstore right on Mango Avenue with a target date of August 15, 2013.

Today we signed our documents and paid the deposits to get started on the new location.  There will be a lot of renovations that will need to be completed to get the new place to look very nice similar to our current location.  But our contractor believes he can complete everything within about 30 days.  So we are planning our target date for the new location to be August 15th.

While things are being constructed at the new location, we will be doing business as usual at our current location.  However, we do plan to be closed on August 13th and 14th in order to move things over to the new location.

We have been very happy at the current location for the most part.  But since we are not on the main road or near anything large, we don't have as many customers as we expected to have.  Hence we decided to make the move over to Mango Avenue.  The new location is almost exactly the same size as the current location, but since it's only 1 floor instead of 2, we should be able to fit more tables and chairs inside.  In addition, we will have a larger patio area outside to allow for more seating outside than we currently have.  The new location has 2 big advantages for Marshall's Irish Pub.  First it is right on Mango Avenue, so there is lots of traffic going by who will notice the Pub.  Second is we are right next to Mango Square which is probably the most happening nightlife area in Cebu City.

We are very excited about the new location and can't wait for construction to be completed so we can move over there.  Customers will be able to expect the same great food, drinks, service and music that we currently have.  It is currently undecided if we will extend our operating hours or keep them the same.  So stay tuned to our blog and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep updated about our move and operating hours.  We are also looking at possibly adding more Filipino food dishes to our menu after the move.

We are also looking into installing more TV's and cable TV boxes to allow for more sporting events to be shown at our sports bar in Cebu.

For those that are not so familiar with the Mango Square area, we have posted a Google Map picture to guide you to the new location.  There is a green circle around our current location in Century Plaza.  there is a green square where our new location will be on Mango Ave with orange letters that says "NEW" on the picture below.  As you can see the new location is just around the corner from our current location.  We hope to see you at either location very soon.  Cheers! 🙂

New Location Map For Marshall's Irish Pub

New Location Map For Marshall's Irish Pub


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