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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! (Belated)

March 19, 2012
Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant

Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant

Although a couple of days late, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu, Philippines.

Even though our website has only been online for a week so far, and we are still looking for a place to put up our Irish Pub in Cebu, we actually received 2 text messages on March 17, 2012 asking where we are located and if our bar in Cebu was open for Saint Patrick's Day.  Of course it would have been really great if we could have had our grand opening for nightlife in Cebu on one of the most special days in Ireland and around the world.  But hopefully those 2 folks were able to find a place to go for the special holiday at another restaurant in Cebu.

The last couple of months have been very hectic putting all the ideas together, creating the menu, testing out cooking of all the items and even the signature drinks.  Then for the past week we have been scouting out potential place for our Cebu Irish Pub.  We thought we found one that we liked pretty well in Lahug behind Harold's hotel, but we weren't quite quick enough making the decision, and it looks like we lost out on that place to another Cebu restaurant.

So it looks like we will need to continue our search of a great location for our customers to experience the best Cebu nightlife.  You would think that it would be easy to find a good location for Cebu bars, but it's really not that easy.  Trying to find a place that has good parking and lots of traffic that passes by is actually hard to find.

But nevertheless, we are committed to bringing a quality Irish Pub in Cebu.  Until July 2011, there were no Irish Pubs in Cebu.  And currently there is only one.  The Pub is actually very nice, but a little far for most people since it's located in Talamban which is kind of far on the north side of Cebu City.  We ended up referring our two text messages over to their place so they could enjoy Saint Patrick's Day.

Of course there isn't a shortage of bars in Cebu nor restaurants in Cebu, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for more.  Quite the contrary.  Finding a fun place to hang out that is unique is not so easy to find.

So we invite you to sign up for our newsletter on the contact us page.  We will add you to our email list and update you regarding the grand opening.

For 2013, Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant will be having our biggest party and celebration of the year for Saint Patrick's Day including an all-you-can-eat buffet, green beer and live acoustic music from 5pm until 3am.  Read more by clicking Saint Patrick's Day In Cebu.

Cheers! 🙂


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