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Happy 5th Month Anniversary To Marshall's Irish Pub

November 14, 2012
Happy 5th Month Anniversary To Marshall's Irish Pub

Happy 5th Month Anniversary To Marshall's Irish Pub

Today being November 14, 2012 marks our 5th month in business with over 1,000 customers served.  We are very proud to have so many loyal customers who love to come to the Pub over and over again.  Thank you so much to everyone who has come so far and if you haven't come to Marshall's Irish Pub yet, we look forward to serving you soon.

When we came up with the idea to launch an Irish Pub in Cebu earlier this year, it was a huge undertaking.  The restaurant and bar industry is very hectic with so many things to prepare for.  In order to provide customers with a variety of choices for food and drinks requires to be involved with many different suppliers.  We are very happy with the products we have available and so far our customers are as well.

Even the design of the Pub was a daunting task because Irish Pub's must have a certain look and feel to them or it's not really an Irish Pub to begin with.  It was great dealing with an architect that could encompass the vision we had for the Pub related to its design.

Over the past 5 months we have made changes to our menu 4 times.  We redesigned and renovated our place last month to allow for more customers on the first floor to be near the live band (acoustic) that we have every night starting at 9pm.

In our first month, Sun Star ran a full page article about our Pub at no cost to us which was great to get that kind of coverage.  We also starting advertising on radio last month.  We are planning on doing some things on TV next month or January with RCTV and Amazing Cebu TV which will be interesting.

Our Facebook page has been going for quite a while now with over 500 fans and almost 900 check-ins.  The same holds true for Foursquare as well.  Twitter and Google+ are doing ok, but we tend to see more customers using Facebook and Foursquare related to our Pub.  So far, the social networking side of our business is doing very well.

We also did a redesign of our website last week to give it a better look and feel.  We have received numerous compliments on the new look of the website.  We are also happy to report that we are very high on Google when people are searching for things in Cebu such as  Cebu restaurants, Cebu bars or Cebu nightlife.  That is awesome.

Last month we also added another shift of employees and started to be open from 10am until 3am for our new extended hours of operation.  We also added an All Day Breakfast to our menu to go along with our new hours.

We have a great bunch of employees and we are very happy with their dedication and progress.  Many thanks to them for all their hard work.  Training new employees in the Philippines about Irish Pub's can be a challenge since they are not familiar with the concept.  But they have come along very well regarding that.

Here's a toast... "Thanks to everyone.  Our employees.  Our supplies and vendors.  And of course our Customers.  Happy 5th month anniversary to Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu."

Cheers! 🙂


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