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January 16, 2013
Check In To Marshall's Irish Pub Via Foursquare To Unlock Specials

Check In To Marshall's Irish Pub Via Foursquare To Unlock Specials

Foursquare has become very popular regarding social media and social networking.  One of the cool aspects of Foursquare is that not only can you check into venues, you can also see where all your friends are checked into as well.  You can also create lists of places you want to try out and also see what places your friends want to try out.  Marshall's Irish Pub is also on Foursquare.  And one big advantage of checking into our Pub via Foursquare is that we have several specials running based on check ins.  Things such as free food, free drinks, discounts on your entire bill, so forth and so on.  So it's always a good idea to check into our Pub using Foursquare so that you can unlock those specials.

Here are some of the current specials we have when you check in via Foursquare:

Loyalty Special

Get a free order of French Fries every 3rd check-in. Show to your server.

Mayor Special

Get 10% off your bill as the mayor. Show to your server.

Friends Special

Get 10% off your bill when 3 friends check in together on the same visit.

Newbie Special

Get a free Greentini, our signature Martini on your first check in.

Check-in Special

Buy 4 get 1 free sets on all local beers when you check in.

We actually have 2 Foursquare accounts.  One is the actual Pub where you check in to unlock the above specials.  The other is our personal Pub account where y0u can add us as as friend.

If you unlock a special, simply show your phone to your server or bartender so they can get you the special based on your check in.

Click here to go to Marshall's Irish Pub on Foursquare.


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