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Irish Pub

Cebu Irish Pub

Traditionally there have never been an Irish Pub in Cebu City, Philippines. There have been some in other areas of the Philippines such as Manila and Luzon. Therefore it is surprising that given the size of Cebu City, and the amount of people living and residing in Cebu, that there should be several Irish Pub in Cebu at this point.

However, as they say, the past is history. Now people living in Cebu have a Cebu Irish Pub they can go to for a great night of food, drinks and fun. And Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant is one that customers will really enjoy. No matter if you’re looking for just dinner at a Cebu restaurant, or maybe just a place to have drinks at a Cebu bar, or maybe a place to hang out for the evening to experience Cebu nightlife, at Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant, you will get to do all those things and really have a unique and exciting time with great entertainment at a Cebu Irish Pub.

Irish Pubs are well known for providing a great experience for their patrons and customers. A “Pub” stands for “public house” and therefore can be considered basically a home away from home. A place to relax and enjoy yourself with extraordinary food, drinks and fun.

In the Irish language of Gaelic, Irish Pubs have one central quality which is called “Craic” and pronounced “Crack.” This Gaelic word means “fun.” Therefore the central word associated with an Irish Pub is always “fun.” For people living in Cebu, whether Filipinos, foreigners or expats, everyone is looking to have fun. So why not have fun while eating dinner, having drinks and just hanging out to chill out with your friends or even just by yourself. That is the aspect of an Irish Pub and something that Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant strives to achieve for all of its patrons and customers.

Irish Pub In Cebu

If you have never experienced the taste of home cooked Irish food, then you are in for a real treat. But not only just the food. How about some Irish beer like Guinness to wash down that yummy food. Or maybe some Irish cocktails, many of which are green in color for something new and interesting. Or maybe some Irish dessert made with Bailey’s Irish Cream for example. Or maybe just hang out to listen to really cool music. No matter which direction you go, Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant is there to help you enjoy yourself and to provide a fun evening.

Even if you have experienced going to an Irish Pub Cebu before, we invite you to try Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu. And if you haven’t ever been to an Irish Pub Cebu before, then by golly you are in for a real treat and an experience you will never forget.

It is our goal to provide great quality food, exceptional drinks and outstanding service to all of our patrons and customers. So come by and let us prove that to you.

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