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Cebu Wine Bar

October 30, 2012
Cebu Wine Bar

Cebu Wine Bar

Have you been looking for a wine bar in Cebu, Philippines?  Well, now you have found one.  Although Irish Pubs are typically more well known for beers, cocktails and mixed drinks, most Irish Pubs also carry a nice selection of wine.  Here at Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu, we also have a nice selection of wines to choose from.  Our wines are from Napa Valley, California, USA as well as Chili and Spain.  Trying to find a Cebu Wine Bar is usually difficult in the Philippines because of wine being an acquired taste.

Although wines can be bought at grocery stores or wine stores or specialty shops, it is a totally different experience when you are drinking in a wine bar with your friends or family. Drinking in a wine bar allows you to enjoy the beautiful ambience as you converse with your peers. Taking a few glasses while enjoying the conversation add more to the fun.

Wine bars are not so common in Cebu but with the current setup we have at Marshall’s Irish Pub we can say that we can make a good wine bar. Our wines are imported and we carefully choose the brands to add in our list of offerings. You might be wondering why some people prefer to drink wine than beer or other liquor. First of all, wine is not a spirit and it has less liquor compared to vodka, beer, or tequila. So some people prefer to drink it because it taste good and it only has mild amounts of alcohol just enough to make them feel good and make them feel the conversation more. The light alcohol helps to get acquainted with unknown people at the party, to soothe oneself and to always stay at least half sober. Secondly, wine is not just a drink. Every finest bottle has its history. Most people believe that the longer the age of the wine the better it taste.

If you visit Marshall’s Irish Pub you might want to try out our wines after enjoying your dinner. Our friendly staff is always ready to serve you.Here are the selections we have to choose from at our version of a wine bar Cebu:

Red Wine

Glass / Bottle

Glen Ellen Merlot California P195 / P975
Consigna Shiraz Spain P195 / P975
Terra Vega Cabernet Sauvignon Chile P195 / P975

White Wine

Glen Ellen Merlot California P195 / P975
Consigna Shiraz Spain P195 / P975
Terra Vega Cabernet Sauvignon Chile P195 / P975

Blush (Rose) Wine

Glen Ellen White Zinfindel California P195 / P975


Here are some trivia and facts about wine:

  1. It takes two and a half pounds of grapes to make a bottle of wine
  2. Resveratrol, a compound present in grapes and red wine, reduces the number of fat cells and may one day be used to treat or prevent obesity, according to a new study.
  3. There are approximately 10,000 wine grape varieties in the world today.

You see, drinking wine is healthy; it makes you feel good and relax. So stop by Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu to taste some great wine.

Cheers! 🙂


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