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Irish Pub

Cebu Irish Restaurant

November 7, 2012
Cebu Irish Restaurant

Cebu Irish Restaurant

When you think of an Irish Pub, you usually think more of drinking than eating.  But since Marshall’s Irish Pub is considered a Gastropub, we tend to focus a lot on our menu which makes us more of a Cebu Irish Restaurant than just a bar. A typical Irish pub in the United Kingdom and United States usually focusses more on the drinking side, and it is not a surprise to see the bartender always drunk while on duty. Well.. that is the Irish way of life, it is part of their culture.

We try to stay away from so much of what is called Pub Grub and offer a wide selection of food items on our menu.  So if you are searching for a Irish Restaurant in Cebu, then you have found one at Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant. What we want is to emphasize the uniqueness of our menu as opposed to just the Irish drinks that we offer because an Irish Pub in Cebu is not a common trend. We want the locals to experience the delicious food from Ireland that is why we give a lot of attention in providing a unique menu.

Because we want to push more on the food side Marshall’s Irish Pub changed business hours from 5:00pm-2:00am daily to 10:00am-3:00am daily. We also realized that people may want to enjoy the Irish style of breakfast and maybe some of our customers prefer to visit the pub and eat their lunch. We also recently added several Irish breakfast items and if you haven’t tried them yet we are inviting you to try and we are certain that it would be a great experience.

Currently around 70% of our customers are actually Filipino because so many want to try something new.  And Irish food is typically something new for most Filipinos. This makes Marshall’s Irish Pub unique and why we are sought after as a Cebu Irish Restaurant. We are actually achieving our objecting in introducing our venture and that is to provide the Filipinos an Irish pub experience because this is not common in the Philippines. Although not a surprise at all, we also have a lot of frequent foreign customers, most are American, British, Irish, Australian, Canadian and some are European and Asian.

Recently, some our customers and staff shared and told us that their friends are curious as to what a pub is. A pub is a combination of a wine bar, restaurant, bistro and sports bar. The word “pub” itself is not common in Cebu because the locals think immediately of a restaurant when they want to satisfy their hungry stomachs. So whenever you are on a mood to eat, just remember that a Cebu Irish Pub is the place to be.

If you haven’t had a chance to come over and try our Irish Restaurant in Cebu, then come on over to experience great tasting food, warm surroundings, live music and a fun crowd.  Check us out at Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant.

Cheers! 🙂



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