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August 30, 2012
Party Time At The Pub

Customers always love to have fun at an Irish Pub.  And especially when there is live music where they can join in.  Here is a video of customers Steve and Glen jamming with Jojo.  Live music starts every night at 9pm so come on over and join the fun.  

July 24, 2012
What Is New At Marshalls Irish Pub

Considering we have only been open for roughly 6 weeks, we have had tons of requests for new items on the menu during a short time.  Although we just came out with a new menu just last week, we had to take more into consideration for the menu.  Not just on the food side, but […]

June 20, 2012
Pica Pica and Side Orders at the Pub

In the Philippines it is referred to as "pica-pica" which simply means short orders or small amounts of foods to have along with drinks instead of a full meal.  It is very similar to appetizers.  Here at Marshall's Irish Pub, we try to cater to the various items that people are looking for.  And we […]

June 19, 2012
Free Beer Anyone

Sets now available all night on all local beers 4+1. Buy 4 get 1 free at Marshall's Irish Pub.

June 18, 2012
Happy Hour and Promos as of June 18, 2012

Happy Hour and promos as of June 18, 2012 Monday 5pm to 7pm 20% discount on all San Miguel beers Tuesday 5pm to 7pm 20% discount on all Asia Brewery beers Wednesday 5pm to 7pm 20% discount on all San Miguel beers Wednesday Ladies night 9pm to midnight 20% discount to girls only Thursday 5pm […]

June 18, 2012
Schedule of Live Music Week of June 18, 2012

This weeks live music schedule: Mon Orland Berondo. Tues Jojo Balande. Wed Crimson. Thur Orland Berondo. Fri GarBel Duo. Sat Jojo Balande. Live acoustic music starts at 9pm till midnight Monday thru Saturday.

June 12, 2012
Schedule of Events Week of June 11, 2012

Here is the schedule of events for this week: Thursday june 14 soft opening 9pm to 1am featuring live music from Orland Berondo. Friday June 15 grand opening 5pm to 1am featuring live music from 9pm to midnight with The GarBel Duo. Saturday June 16 opening 5pm to 1am featuring live music from 9pm to […]

April 16, 2012
Grand Opening Scheduled for June 15, 2012

Finally after months of preparations, things are progressing very well.  We are now proud to announce the grand opening of Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines on June 15th, 2012. The address is Century Plaza Commercial Complex, Juana Osmena St., Unit 41, Cebu City, Philippines 6000.  The location is just behind […]

April 1, 2012
Here We Come Cebu!

Well, hopefully that is.  It's been a long journey with all the preparations.  Today we met with the architect to go over renovation ideas.  Afterwards, we met with one of the beer and wine distributors.  Hopefully everything will fall into place this coming week.  We aren't ready to give out the location just yet.  Kind […]

March 25, 2012
Marshall's Irish Pub Social Networking Sites

Well it has been a busy weekend for us as we prepare to launch our Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines.  We decided to setup various social networking pages for people to be able to follow us and keep informed about news regarding our Irish Pub.  Below are some of the other […]

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