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Bars In Cebu City, Philippines

March 24, 2012
Bars in Cebu City, Philippines

Bars in Cebu City, Philippines

Everyone knows that Cebu bars are a fun place to meet up with friends and to have a place to sit, relax and enjoy the evening.  With Cebu City being so large, there are so many Cebu bars to choose from.

Of course you could try the major malls like Ayala or SM.  But they tend to focus more on restaurants rather than being bars in Cebu.  They also tend to close by 11pm or midnight which is early compared to other bars in Cebu.

Then there are the trendy type bars on the high end like at Marco Polo or along the same road as well.  Probably one of the most "happening" places would be at Mango in Fuente where you find lots of Cebu City bars.  Some of them offer the "disco" type enviornment while others offer KTV or videoke activities.  Usually they are on the cheaper side compared to other Cebu City bars.

Many of the best bars in Cebu have an online presence by having a website.  Although many also do not.  However, even the ones that do not have a website, there are usually other sites that talk about their experiences at the best bars in Cebu.

Therefore, many people simple do a search online for something like bars Cebu to see what results are out there.  From there they typically read up on what other people have to say about bars Cebu and then decide to check it out themselves.

If you're looking for bars in Cebu City, we would invite you to try out Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant.  We plan to open in the near future so stay tuned to this blog and website for more details and don't forget to visit the contact us page of our site and use the form to sign up for our newsletter so we can inform you of all the events.  We plan to be one of the bars in Cebu City that people will want to come to time and time again.


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