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Irish Pub

American Restaurant In Cebu

November 7, 2012
Cebu American Restaurant

Cebu American Restaurant

You do not typically see an Irish Pub touting themselves as also being an American Restaurant in Cebu.  But since our Irish Pub’s Executive Chef  is an Irish American, hence you can see where the term comes from.  At Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant, you will find many items on the menu that are typical American dishes.  The pub itself is modeled after Irish Pubs in the United States after all. So it is no surprise that a lot of American tourist visit our restaurant at night to have dinner or just enjoy the great music as they eat and drink. And yeah, they love it here so much that they keep on coming back and become our frequent customers.

For Americans out of the United States, we usually look for food that we have become familiar with from back home.  Although most of us like to try new things, we also miss food that we are used to.  This is something that Marshall’s Irish Pub knows and comes to the plate to provide at our Cebu American Restaurant. It is already in our system, we long to munch on the foods that we miss. Our sense of nationalism runs in our veins which is why we always look for something American and that includes restaurants in Cebu.

Of course many Filipinos in Cebu also love to try new things and typically love American food.  They all search out for an American Restaurant in Cebu to satisfy their craving for American food. As an American who has been in the Philippines for many years, I have seen the influence of our culture amongst the Filipinos and one of those is in their diet or preference of food. So it is totally not a surprise to see a lot of Filipinos visit Marshall’s Irish Pub often. They love bacon, sausages, hotdogs, hams and the likes and we have also serve these. We never fail to please our customers and satisfy their cravings.

There are several American restaurants in Cebu such as McDonald’s, Kentucky’s Fried Chicken, and SubWay just to name a few but most of these restaurants only offer food. Marshall’s Irish Pub can also be considered an American restaurant in Cebu that offers several types of cuisine and not to mention it is also a restobar which is why we can say we are unique. We have a lot to offer on our menu which other American restaurants in Cebu do not. That is something we are proud of. We want the locals to think of Marshall’s Irish Pub whenever they think of an American food.

Furthermore, we also want give the American tourist and expats a taste of America and make them feel at home. This is one of the things that we at Marshall’s Irish Pub want to provide.

So if you are looking for a Cebu American Restaurant, don’t let the Irish Pub part confuse you.  Come over to Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant for great American Food.

Cheers! 🙂



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