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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Cebu Irish Pubs, Cebu restaurants, Cebu bars and Cebu nightlife.

Why come to Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant?

Being in Cebu City, Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant provides food and drinks that are not usually found in other restaurants in Cebu. Customers, which we call patrons, will discover a whole new taste and atmosphere typically not found in Cebu. Authentic Irish food professionally prepared by Executive Chef Larry Marshall will leave you wanting to come back often to try other dishes. Signature drinks of the Pub including Irish cocktails and imported beers like Guinness are just another few examples.

The word “Pub” is actually just short for “Public House” and therefore the idea is to create a home away from home for the customers to enjoy the nightlife in Cebu. Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City provides both a smoking and non-smoking lounge to serve patrons. The bar area (smoking) boasts a TV with sporting events and daily entertainment. The Celtic Lounge is a high-end non-smoking area featuring many of our fine wines imported from all over the world. So come and experience for yourself a wee bit O’ Ireland at one of the finest bars and restaurants in Cebu City.

Why An Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City?

In a crowded market of restaurants and bars in Cebu, an Irish Pub cuts through the clutter to provide an interesting, fun and friendly place to eat, drink and hang out.  In the United States alone, Irish Pubs have seen a 99% success rate because of offering unique foods and providing a home away from home feeling.  Irish Pubs in general are well known for providing an environment and ambience that sets the mood to give everyone a good feeling.

Currently there are very few Irish Pubs in Cebu and none in the heart of the busy city.  Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant offers easy access toward a nightlife of fun and entertainment.  Live Entertainment and Irish music sets the tone for an enjoyable evening.  Once coming to an Irish Pub, people get the feeling of “Irishness” and a connection to the fun of Ireland.

Filipinos in general love to have fun.  In Ireland the Gaelic word for fun is called “Craic” which is pronounced “crack.”  Irish Pubs are all about generating Craic.  Therefore the two worlds of the Philippines and Ireland meet together in a concept of Craic or fun with Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant.  Throughout the countryside of Ireland, every small town has lots of pubs which play and important role in the culture and community of each town.  In the Philippines, a similar type of interaction can be found at the various small bars and videoke places where people hang out to have fun.

Imagine in Ireland with a town of just 1,000 people, you may find up to 50 Irish Pubs or more.  This represents around 1 pub for every 20 people.  This is a testament to the popularity of Irish Pubs.  Folks in the town don’t typically sit and watch TV after dinner.  Rather they tend to meet at a Pub to relax and have fun and typically don’t go home until everyone at their table has politely bought a round of drinks.  People enjoy the nightlife, atmosphere and ambiance of the Pub and can relax and be themselves while listening to music.  This is just another example of Craic.

The Irish are well known for their love of good food and good drink.  Filipinos are very similar in this aspect.  Therefore an Irish Pub in Cebu makes perfect sense.  Beer and Ale are almost as important to the Irish diet as food.  And Pubs are an important value to the social culture in Ireland.  Irish Pubs located in other places around the Philippines, such as Manila and Luzon, have been found to be extremely fun and a place where Filipinos and foreigners love to hang out and meet with friends.  And so it is also with Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City.

At Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant we have tried the create the impression of an Irish Pub for Filipinos and foreigners to enjoy the nightlife.  So come and experience Craic for yourself at one of the best Cebu bars.

Why An Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City?

Typically when you think of Irish food, you think of potatoes.  In Ireland, potatoes are a staple food at almost every meal including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they are made in many different ways.  But even with potatoes at most meals, you will never find yourself bored as there are so many other items that compliment them and due to the preparation process.  You will also find many different types of meats like beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, and much more.  It has been somewhat of a joke that was made that the Irish food pyramid is 5 servings of potatoes, 4 servings of meat, 3 servings of beer, ale or whiskey and 2 servings of everything else.

At Marshall’s Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant in Cebu City, you will find many of the typical authentic Irish dishes.  But since our Pub is located in Cebu, you will also find a few Filipino dishes with an Irish flare and of course rice is also available.  This is just another example of why Marshall’s Irish Pub is one of the most sought after bars in Cebu which enhances the Cebu nightlife.

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